Wallace gives Dolphins’ insight

Published 3:00pm 6 February 2023

Wallace gives Dolphins’ insight
Words by Kylie Knight

Dolphins NRL player Jarrod Wallace revealed who had mastered the team song, who was working the hardest at training and who wore Zinc cream the best when Moreton Daily fired some random questions at him after training this morning. See the photo gallery at the end of this story

It followed another gruelling session in the heat in the lead-up to side’s second trial game this weekend against the North Queensland Cowboys in Cairns (5pm kick-off).

Wallace is expected to take the field, with the team list due out tomorrow.

He trained well this morning and when asked by the media if he thought he’d lead the side out on the weekend, he was quick to answer in trademark style.

“I’ve had a chat with Wayne. I did mention to Jesse that if I lead them out, he’ll have to watch his spot in round one. I’ll make sure I keep in Wayne’s ear and just let him know I’m there. I’m pretty sure he told me where to go when I mentioned it to him,” Wallace said laughing.

Regardless, he said he was looking forward to playing after a long, hard, hot preseason.

“It sucks when you’re training hard all week and getting no result at the end, at the weekend, it was nice to see the boys get up on the weekend and have some fun and I’ll get a chance on the weekend,” he said.

“We’re not playing for sheep stations, but obviously we’re playing for spots. It’s our time to go out and show Wayne what we’ve got and put our best foot forward to make that round one team. We’re not getting two points at the end of this game, but there’s a lot up for grabs.”

Wallace gives Dolphins’ insight

Club off to winning start

Those who played in the club’s inaugural trial against the Central Queensland Capras on Saturday night completed a recovery session instead of training with the rest of the squad.

They earnt a rest, notching up the Dolphins’ first win as an NRL club and beating the Capras 24-8 in front of 4500 fans at Gladstone’s Marley Brown Oval.

The side, skippered by JJ Collins offered glimpses of what fans can expect this season with the first Dolphins’ try scored by Harrison Graham.

Setu Tu, Brenton Baira, Valynce Te Whare, Rodrick Tai and Mason Teague also crossed the line for the Dolphins.

The club are expected to field more big names this Sunday.

Wallace says he’s feeling great ahead of the club’s historic round one clash against the Roosters on March 5 at Suncorp Stadium.

“I’m just loving my footy, enjoying my time up here. It’s exactly what I needed personally and as a footballer. It’s a fresh start. I obviously miss the boys I played with for seven years, but this is where I want to be. As soon as I saw this club was starting and Wayne was coaching, I wanted to be up here,” he said.

Wallace is relishing the chance to play with guys like Jesse Bromwich, Felise Kaufusi, Kenny Bromwich Sean O’Sullivan (check) and Anthony Milford, likening it to being a kid starting school.

“I’m just loving it. My body feels fantastic, my mind’s feeling the best it’s ever felt and I’m just ready to go in round one,” he said.

Fun facts, according to Wallace

Who is the hardest worker at training?

“Mark Nicholls. He’s always slogging it out. He’s not the fastest, he’s definitely not the youngest but he’s definitely a hard worker.”

Who is the best user of zinc cream?

“Sean O’Sullivan. Not only is it all over, he loves the bright pink. He does that so he can see himself more on camera. He likes the look of himself.”

Who has mastered the team song?

“Seanie (O’Sullivan). He likes to think he wrote it, I’m sure. He’s the one who leads it all the time. He’s a bit of a character, he likes to put himself in there.”

Has there been a moment when you feel like the team has really come together?

“I think it was the Army camp just after Christmas. I heard that the boys really worked hard together, they came together and bonded but unfortunately I had COVID so I wasn’t there. I heard the camp was really successful. It was exactly what Wayne and team wanted to do, pull them together, and it has brought a much more brothership, bond and more competitiveness to training.”

Check out the photo gallery (click-through)

Photos by Kylie Knight


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