Who’s Who in 2022, Community: Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre

Published 2:30am 12 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Community: Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre
Words by Moreton Daily

Following two rough years due to COVID-19 and then the 2022 floods, the Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre was a beacon of hope for many people who were seeking support to get back on their feet.

The centre hosted two community events in 2022 which was attended by hundreds of people.

A free Employment Expo was held in June by the Community Action for Multicultural Society (CAMS) Program, which is run under the umbrella of the Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre.

Speaking to Moreton Daily, Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre volunteer Carol (last name withheld) encouraged people to head along and find out more information.

“Come on down, have a look around, ask lots of questions, and find out what is required for gaining employment,” Carol said at the time.

Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre CEO Malcolm Thomson spoke to Moreton Daily in September about the organisation’s Wellness Expo.

Malcom said that particular expo was important as many people were suffering in the aftermath of the floods at the beginning of 2022.

About Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre

Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre has been providing support to the Caboolture district and surrounding suburbs for more than 30 years.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of people moving to the region in the mid-1980s, an application was made in 1987 by the Combined Emergency Care Organisation (now Caboolture Community Care) to establish a Neighbourhood Centre.

An establishment grant of $1000 as well as a small annual operation grant was awarded by the then Department of Families, therefore allowing a centre on Edward St to open.

Volunteers ran the centre until it was incorporated in June 1992 and a position for a full-time community development worker was funded.

Then in 2007, the centre accepted an invitation by the Department of Communities to link with Caboolture Community Care, Family Haven and Home Life to form the multi-tenants Service Centre Co-op Ltd.

The services all function independently but share the facilities at the George Street Community Place at Caboolture.

The Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre offers a wide range of support programs to meet the individual and community needs of residents in the Caboolture and Morayfield areas.

The centre is guided by values of compassion, integrity, respect and perseverance.

Skilled professionals can assist those who might be feeling distressed or a sense of helplessness due to their social, financial or health circumstances.

Some of the services available for the community include free counselling, budget support, NILS No Interest Loans, Skilling Queenslanders for Work, anger management, parenting skills course, Building on Women’s Strengths (B.O.W.S), free computer training for people of all ages, community recovery flood assistance, immigration and visa advice, English classes, tax help, as well as help for those suffering from substance abuse.

The Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre also hosts a variety of community events.

In June, the centre hosted a free Employment Expo to assist job seekers that were looking to get back into the workforce.

Then in September, it hosted a free Wellbeing Expo which featured a number of services and agencies that provided advice, support and activities to lead a healthy and happy life.


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