Who’s Who in 2022, Environment: Nick Steiner

Published 12:30am 16 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Environment: Nick Steiner
Words by Moreton Daily

Nick Steiner started “growing food for those in need”, as a hobby, in his backyard. Eight years later, he heads charity with state-wide plans.

Recently plans to launch a mini farm, with 230 beds, at the Luvaberry strawberry farm in Wamuran were officially unveiled.

Rotary Caboolture will connect the project with the local community and is helping raise funds to get the new farm developed.

It takes the tally to four with Samford well established, Loganlea State High School and three acres at Barns Lane Farm, Coolum set to start.

The Mini Farm Project has also launched a Spirit of Giving fundraiser where each ticket sold, at charity partners across the region, will create at least two meals for people in need.

“Our farms work like a platform where businesses and individuals can make a direct impact within their community and share with their customers or followers,” Nick said.

“Sponsoring one of the charity farm beds is how we fund our farms and start the process of feeding people in each community. We are working to resolve food insecurity on a local level.

“By creating a network of charity farms throughout Queensland we hope to eradicate hunger by providing free fruit, vegetables, herbs, wild edibles, fish and chicken eggs to charities each week for free.”

About Nick Steiner

Nick Steiner has used years of experience in event management and the catering industry to launch and now grow the Mini Farm Project.

It started in 2014 when he combined a passion for gardening with a desire to give back to the community. The result was a charity which Grows Food for Those in Need.

Still working full-time, the first farm was in Mr Steiner’s back yard but it expanded to sites in Brisbane tanks and grow bags.

When Mr Steiner lost his job, as COVID-19 struck in 2020, he turned to full-time food production joining forces with Meals on Wheels to help fund the Millen Farm at Samford.

The site, on Mt Samson Rd, was established under the guidance of farmer Liam and a host of volunteers. Land at Loganlea State High School will be a template for future school sites.

“How we work is simple,” Mr Steiner said on the Mini Farm website, “we grow produce and donate it at no cost to local charities and food rescue agencies.

“My overall goal is to be a consistent provider of Free, Fresh and Nutritious Produce donated weekly to our Meals on Wheels and OzHarvest and other charities around each of our farms.”

Opportunities are available for businesses and individuals to sponsor growing beds at the farms.

The Mini Farm Project website quotes the Foodbanks’ Hunger Report 2021, saying “1 in 6 adults in Australia haven’t had enough to eat in the last year, and even more shockingly, 1.2 million children have gone hungry”.


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