Who’s Who in 2022, Inspiring People: Jane McMillan

Published 1:15am 14 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Inspiring People: Jane McMillan
Words by Moreton Daily

For more than 16 years Jane McMillan has been a champion of leukaemia patients in the Moreton Bay Region and appears to have no intention of slowing down.

She is currently president of Leukaemia Support Queensland (LSQ), helping drive fundraising, support and awareness.

Recently LSQ had launched a major fundraising raffle, held a Halloween fashion parade, pick the hits music bingo and pilates in the park.

LSQ launched a campaign last year to build a state-of-the-art pathology laboratory at Redcliffe Hospital, Caboolture Hospital or North Lakes.

Ms McMillan said, at the time, the lab had been the organisation’s “dream for a number of years” and consultants were crucial to help speed up blood test results and diagnosis.

“There are 37 laboratories in hospitals in Queensland,” she said, “nine have consulting pathologists attached.

“In the Moreton Bay Region we have two of the largest hospitals and do not have any consulting pathologists.

“Our concern is the time it takes patients to gain results from blood tests when they have been diagnosed with serious diseases like leukaemia, lymphoma etc.”

LSQ, a not-for profit run by volunteers, has already successfully campaigned for a haematology centre in North Lakes.

Ms McMillan was also president, patient support and fundraising co-ordinator of the Leukaemia Foundation Qld Caboolture branch for 15 years before it merged with LSQ.

About Jane McMillan

When Jane McMillan’s best friend was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2004 she quit her job as a tax consultant and became a full-time carer for the single mother of two.

Treatment started immediately and Ms McMillan took on the care of two children, aged six and three at the time, while also supporting her friend.

The LSQ website says the two women “suffered severe emotional, physical and financial hardship” as they were “doing it alone” not knowing of any available help.

In 2005 Ms McMillan learned of the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland which offered some financial help and counselling.

Ms McMillan wanted to thank LFQ for its support and opened the LFQ Caboolture Branch which has now become LSQ still helping patients and families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and relates blood cancers.

In 2019 Jane McMillan was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for years of tireless work helping others.

She was also named the 2014 Moreton Bay Regional Council Australia Day Citizen of the Year and in 2012 was nominated for the Queensland Philanthropist of the Year.


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