Who’s Who in 2022, Inspiring People: Noel Roberts

Published 3:00am 14 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Inspiring People: Noel Roberts
Words by Moreton Daily

A dedicated volunteer who has worked tirelessly to ensure animals in need find heir forever homes has been recognised for his efforts in 2022.

Staff and volunteers from RSPCA Dakabin gathered in April to honour Noel Roberts, who notched up 10,000 hours at the shelter.

Noel first began volunteering with the RSPCA in 2014 and loves that no two days are the same.

“From the moment we open the doors, you never know what you’re in for,” Noel told Moreton Daily.

“I work in reception handling adoptions, reclaims, surrenders, returns, wildlife, answering phones and dealing with dozens of questions every day.

“Most days you experience the whole gamut of emotions from excitement to despair and sadness.”

Helping animals in need is an important issue for Noel, who said at the time “I’ve always been an animal lover but now I’m passionate about animal welfare”.

“I’m also passionate about the work the RSPCA does. Like many people, I had a very limited understanding of the RSPCA before I started volunteering, but now I’m its greatest supporter.”

RSPCA Spokesperson Emma Lagoon said volunteers like Noel were a vital asset to the organisation, as they played a pivotal part in caring for animals before they were adopted and helped with the day-to-day running of the centres.

The RSPCA is always in need of volunteers like Noel.

The minimum age to volunteer is 16 years, and the RSPCA asks volunteers to make a minimum commitment of three months.

Each volunteer shift is four hours long.

About Noel Roberts

Noel Roberts is a dedicated volunteer who has completed more than 10,000 hours with the RSPCA animal shelter at Dakabin.

He reached the milestone in April, which was celebrated with a special morning tea.

Noel first put his hand up to volunteer for the animal rescue organisation in 2014.

He volunteered to work with the dogs and spent his days scrubbing cages and walking them daily, ensuring they got their exercise and enrichment.

Noel’s passion and drive saw him quickly transition into the RSPCA office, where it became his job to look after all the volunteers on site, as well as run volunteer inductions.

When you see photos of adorable animals on the RSPCA Facebook page, that is also Noel’s doing, as he manages the social media pages for RSPCA Dakabin.

The RSPCA Dakabin Facebook page has more than 17,000 followers, with hundreds of people posting comments and likes on their posts.


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