Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra

Published 4:10am 20 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra
Words by Moreton Daily

Musicians from the Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra has entertained the region once again by hosting an array of performances throughout 2022.

The many talented musicians from the orchestra’s three ensembles performed multiple shows throughout 2022, which were well attended by music lovers of all ages.

One of the orchestra’s first shows for the year was performed at the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre on Saturday March 5, titled Festival Around the World.

Highlights included music from the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, the Russian Golden Mask Festival and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra President Eve Brown spoke to Moreton Daily in February to share what audiences could expect from the night.

“We like to do different themes for all of our concerts, so that way there is a wide range of music that will suit everybody,” she said.

“With this show, we tell people they don’t need to leave the peninsula or the country to enjoy an afternoon of music inspired by the world’s greatest festivals.

“We started rehearsing at the end of January and will be playing music we haven’t played before.”

Other performances this year included Music Inspired by Literature and Flight, as well as a tour of Tasmania, where the orchestra took their music interstate to play for new audiences.

About Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra

Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra based in Clontarf.

The orchestra is made up of three main ensembles – Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra, the Youth Symphony and Junior Strings.

The orchestra has about 100 members, ranging from young adults to children, and rehearses at Clontarf Beach State High School.

Musicians play a variety of instruments, including string, woodwind, brass and percussion.

They also welcome fresh players to come and join them, with an audition process in place.

The orchestra put on concerts for the community to enjoy at various locations, including the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre, Clontarf Beach State High School, North Leagues and Services Club, as well as community events.

This year also saw the group embark on a tour of Tasmania, which meant they were able to play their music to new audiences.

The group performed at the historic Port Arthur Site, as well as multiple concerts at the Launceston Public Library.

For more information about the Moreton Bya Symphony Orchestra, such as upcoming gigs or how to audition, you can visit its website or follow it on social media.


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