Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Tricia Reust

Published 2:45am 20 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Tricia Reust
Words by Moreton Daily

Clontarf artist Tricia Reust’s creations are out of this world, or at least they will be when her artworks are sent to the moon as part of a special project being launched by SpaceX and NASA.

Tricia was selected to be part of the Lunar Codex Project, which will see three time capsules full of books, stories, poetry, music and more launched into space and stored in a museum on the moon for future generations or extra-terrestrial life to recover in the future.

The project is all part of a bigger project that will see humans once again land on the moon in 2024.

Tricia's legacy will be immortalised at the ‘Museum on the Moon’ following her two appearances on the art television show, Put Some Colour In Your Life, with all 22 seasons of the documentary chosen to be included in the Lunar Codex.

For Tricia, being part of a project like this was a real honour.

“When an artist creates something, it becomes a big part of you and who you are as a person, so to think a tiny part of me is going to the moon, that’s pretty surreal,” Tricia told Moreton Daily.

“But it is not just me going into space - there is also going to be a piece of Redcliffe up there because I have images of our beautiful Redcliffe.

“The idea that my artworks will be seen by future generations, and even strike a chord with them, it’s pretty incredible to think about.”

About Tricia Reust

Tricia Reust is a well-known artist on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

She is a member of the Redcliffe Arts Society, The Moreton Bay Arts Council, Artists in Redcliffe, Royal Queensland Art Society, Visionaries and The Portrait Society of America.

She is also a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia Inc.

Tricia appeared in two episodes of the television show, Put Some Colour in Your Life, with all 22 seasons of the documentary chosen to be sent into space.

In 2022, Tricia Reust spoke with Graeme Stevenson – the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the television series – for a special where are they now segment, which appeared on Youtube.

During the segment, Tricia spoke about winning first prize in the mixed media category at the Redcliffe Arts Society Art of Excellence Awards, and how the television show has helped boost her profile.

“This raised my profile significantly. I’m really busy with workshop requests,” Tricia told Graeme.

The pair also spoke about their creations going to the moon, with Tricia stating: “I think us going to the moon is a superb metaphor for what we do as artists – we kind of sit on our rocket and our rocket is all of our knowledge, learning and experimentation and tools.


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