Who’s who in 2022, Music & Arts: Josh Setterfield

Published 4:15am 20 December 2022

Who’s who in 2022, Music & Arts: Josh Setterfield
Words by Moreton Daily

Kallangur Country musician Josh Setterfield’s been pushing the boundaries this year with the release of two new singles tackling risqué topics.

The first, Blow Our Cover, touches on forbidden love, while Nothing Like Me pushes back against people who claim others’ ideas as their own.

Released in late November, Nothing Like Me is a departure from Josh’s recent style, ratcheting things up a notch with a distinctly Metal sound.

The accompanying video’s also a change, seeing a return to Josh’s punk roots.

“It has a bit of shock value,” Josh laughs.

“I came from punk back in the day, so it was something I was used to – the angry jumping around and singing.”

Nothing Like Me debuted at number six on the Australian Independent Record Label charts in the ‘all independent singles’ category, number four on the iTunes charts and had more than 50,000 streams in its first week of release, as well as being added to high rotation on KIX and Triple M Country.

Its success follows Blow Our Cover reaching number one on the iTunes charts and having more than 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. It also hit top 20 on radio, with high rotation across KIX and Triple M Country.

Josh says Nothing Like Me’s based on an experience that left a bitter taste.

“It goes out to the people who copy things and claim the idea as their own,” he says.

“I had it happen to me.”

He loved the chance to vent a little and says the change in tempo’s fitting given the theme.

“Country doesn’t have many angry songs,” he says.

“We’re calling it Country-Metal.”

Filmed at Eastside Boxing at West End, the clip sees Josh getting his angst on in the boxing ring – he says he knew he’d found the right setting as soon as he walked in.

It wasn’t the original intent to have the video ready to release with the song, but the timing felt right.

“I walked into the venue and it had this almost Rocky movie vibe.

“We shot the music video on Wednesday and decided at the last minute that it should come out on the release date (which was Friday of the same week).

“I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but it’s probably my best stuff.”

About Josh Setterfield

Josh grew up with his family listening to country music, firstly in NSW and then in Redcliffe after they moved in 2000.

The former Clontarf State High School student found his own style in his teens.

“As a teen I rebelled a little and went down the punk route,” he explains.

“I was in a pop-punk band called Call The Shots for a long time and we were based in Redcliffe.

“Once the band came to an end, I knew it was a risk, but decided to take a chance and try my love for country.”

He’s been working with Canadian songwriters Craig Brooks and Jesse Slack since producing Right About Now in August last year.

It was the first song Josh had recorded that he didn’t have a hand in writing and mixing.

He’d been collaborating with the duo for some time after connecting with Brooks via Instagram, and had written what will be his next single with Slack when Slack mentioned he had a song that would suit Josh’s style – the result was Right About Now.

Josh has fond memories of his time at Clontarf State High.

“I made some life-long friends there that I’ll never forget - most of them in the music rooms or class at school.

“I was never much for the theory side, but playing the music is where I found my roots.”

He’s also a massive fan of the Redcliffe Peninsula.

“What is there not to love?

“I’ve spent my entire teen years growing up in Redcliffe.

“It’s a gorgeous place and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

First up next year is Tamworth with Casey Barnes, followed by festivals for the rest of the year and Josh is in the process of lining up a couple of shows overseas.


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