Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Red Music and Dance

Published 4:40am 20 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Red Music and Dance
Words by Moreton Daily

A passionate performing arts teacher, who runs her own studio in Rothwell, has plans to launch a new arts challenge which will be open to children from across the Moreton Bay Region.

Melissa Mataic from Red Music and Dance at Rothwell is the driving force behind the Moreton Bay Performing Arts Challenge, which she hopes to launch in 2023.

The idea is to bring young people together for a gala evening of musical theatre, singing, dancing, music and more.

Melissa believes the different studios scattered across the Moreton Bay Region need to have a more unified approach to help give these children the skills and self-esteem they need to succeed in their chosen arts.

“What I really want to do is celebrate the kids across the whole of Moreton Bay and give them a platform and an opportunity to shine in front of their peers and their families in a really supportive and nurturing environment,” Melissa told Moreton Daily in July.

“I feel there needs to be something that ties all our theatre groups, schools, studios, musical theatre groups, drama clubs and dancers and bring them all together for a festival-style celebration.

“There can sometimes be that us versus them mentality when it comes to schools and competitions, but I want to eradicate that idea and bring everyone together by running this challenge for the kids to enjoy, and then at the end have a gorgeous gala event to celebrate their achievements.

“It doesn’t matter if you live in Redcliffe or Caboolture, everyone from Moreton Bay is invited to take part.”

To help get her idea off the ground, she reached out to the wider business community seeking sponsorship support.

“We know a lot of kids have got so much talent but don’t necessarily have all the extra vehicles to help support their growth, whether that be private lessons, photography, headshots to give to agents, equipment and gear, or even building a website to launch themselves and their music online,” she said.

“That is why I am hoping to partner with other Moreton Bay businesses to offer prizes and scholarships. I specifically want it to be Moreton Bay businesses, so it stays local.

“If you’re a music shop or someone that sells dancing accessories, I would love to hear from you so we can team up to offer prizes for the kids.

“It’s about all of us working together to give these kids the best start and opportunities we can.”

If all goes to plan, Melissa would like to hold the inaugural Moreton Bay Performing Arts Challenge in mid-2023, with plans to expand and make it bigger and better each year.

About Red Music and Dance

Red Music and Dance is a family run and owned business based in Rothwell.

Melissa Mataic has been a dance teacher for more than 23 years, including 16 years here on the Redcliffe peninsula.

Red Music and Dance hosts a wide range of classes including Acro dance, contemporary dance, hip hop, jazz, acting, musical theatre, singing and more.

The centre also hosts several programs for school, home school and school holidays.


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