Who's Who in 22, Music & Arts: Leena Salim

Published 11:30pm 19 December 2022

Who's Who in 22, Music & Arts: Leena Salim
Words by Moreton Daily

Moreton Bay Region jazz artist Leena Salim is now sharing her unique sound with music lovers in Samford by signing up to become a regular performer at Café Legarto.

Following a few tough years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Cafe Lagarto introduced Saturday night jazz events to provide a space for people to enjoy a night out, sharing a drink and listening to some good music.

Café Legarto owner Natalie Ross approached Leena to play on alternate nights with another performer, Danny Mose.

To help drum up some interest in her new gigs, Leena took part in a Q&A with Moreton Daily in June where she spoke about her love of music.

“I was born in Singapore. My love for singing and music stemmed from the understanding at a very young age that it allowed me to express what mere words cannot do,” Leena said at the time.

“But I was a late arrival into the musical and performing scene. Being a girl, I wasn't allowed to pursue these passions.

“I’ve always been interested and curious with the 'interpretation' side of things; how can we take one sentence and express it different ways? In music, I found that in jazz.

“There is no right or wrong way to express your interpretation - because it's yours. It's how you 'see' this song.

“That's the magic of jazz.”

Leena said she wrote her own lyrics and was inspired by some of the greatest jazz artists of all time.

“I grew up with the greats and the standards such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra etc, so playing standards from the Great American Songbook is a big love. They're so classy and never run out of style,” Leena explained.

Having made a name for herself in the industry, Leena also shared some words of advice she had heard to inspire other musicians.

“You may have heard a song played by a zillion times, and by a gazillion artistes. It doesn't matter whose version you heard,” Leena explained.

“What matters is when you play it, make it your version, make it come from you. Be an original you. Not a copy of what you heard.”

About Leena Salim

Leena Salim is a well-known jazz artist from the Moreton Bay Region.

She can often be found playing at various venues in the Moreton Bay Region and Brisbane, where she loves bringing her unique jazz sound to music lovers.

Describing herself as a “late arrival” to the industry, Leena now performs at many private and corporate gigs, but you can catch her at public places such as Eat Street Northshore at Hamilton as well as other venues.

You can follow Leena on Facebook and Instagram to find out where she will be playing next.


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