Audit identifies vehicles vulnerable to thieves

Posted: 9am 09 Jun 2021

Police are appealing to motorists to remove valuables from their cars after an audit at Pine Rivers Railway Station identified more than 100 vehicles that would appeal to opportunistic thieves.

The audit, conducted by police from the Moreton Crime Prevention Unit on Tuesday, found garage remote controls, bags, gift cards, parcels and money left in cars by commuters parked at the train station.

Sen-Constable Jo Arthur is urging motorists to take valuables with them when they leave their cars unattended and says police left notices on the vulnerable vehicles to remind owners of the risks.

“Police inspected over 100 vehicles and were astounded as to what they saw,” Sen-Constable Arthur says.

Avoid being a target

Keys, tools and personal documents – including a driver’s licence – were also seen by police conducting the audit.

“Leaving your valuables in your car increases your chances of being a target – please do not leave valuables in your vehicle for all to see,” she says.

“Definitely do not leave your garage remote in your car, especially when it is accompanied with your mail, providing your address to opportunistic thieves.”

Sen-Constable Arthur also recommends not leaving garage remote controls in ungaraged cars parked at the front of homes.

“Ensure your vehicles are locked and remove all valuables to avoid becoming a victim of crime,” she says.

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