Who’s Who in 22: Music & Arts

Published 5:00am 20 December 2022

Who’s Who in 22: Music & Arts
Words by Moreton Daily

Today, we continue our Who’s Who in 22 series by listing people in the Moreton Bay Region community who have had an impact in Music and the Arts in 2022.

It comes in a year which has been tough for many in both industries, but their efforts have made a difference.

It’s been a big year!

Who’s Who in 22: Music & Arts

Here’s our list of people in the music and arts industries in the Moreton Bay Region, who have achieved great things in 2022. There are, no doubt, many more … this region is full of people who have done amazing things in this space but if we published them all, we might break the internet!

Click on each name to read why they’ve made the list.

(In no particular order)

Dan Nebe - Team Musicare and R4H

Leena Salim – Jazz artist

Thomas Armstrong-Robley - Actor, musician, director

The Veronicas – musicians

Keith Urban – musician

Barry Gibb – musician

Michael Connolly – Indigenous artist


Redcliffe Art Society

Bribie Island Community Arts Centre

Mousetrap Theatre

Act 1 Theatre

Redcliffe Musical Theatre

Sharon Alback Dance Centre

JAM Performing Arts

Tricia Reust - artist

Henzel Street Quilters

Todd Whisson – artist

Danielle Latta – artist

Jeff Hughes – documentary filmmaker

Chloe Pierce – dancer

Richard Lancaster – author and filmmaker

Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra

Josh Setterfield – musician

Sinead Burgess – musician

Vixens of Fall – musicians

Lynch and Patterson – theatre group

Red Music and Dance

Ghostlight Theatre Co


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